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Holeys Testimonials and Customer Reviews

What our customers are saying…

"I wear my Holeys everyday! They are awesome! They mould to your heel in the bottom of your kayak, and are by far the most comfortable shoe to wear while kayaking. I am heading up to Bella Bella for a few weeks and you can be sure that my Holeys will be coming with me." Meaghan  

"I work on Granville Island and stand on a concrete floor for eight hours. Holeys make my shift so much easier. They feel so good to stand on."  D.H.

"Holeys are the only footwear I can use comfortably to operate the exquisitely sensitive wavefront laser. We have had more than 60,000 successful laser eye treatments through our clinic. Our staff are all in them so that we look and feel good to complete the task of getting everybody out of their glasses and contact lenses!"  Hugo Sutton, MD

"We keep Holeys at Whistler to wear to the hot tub. We also have extra pairs for traveling. They're so light. We wouldn't travel without them."  G.M.
"My wife and I have six pairs of Holeys between us. We use them for everything (well, almost). I use my red ones as gardening shoes, and my black ones for household slippers. I use my yellow Holeysfor walking in the water at the beach; they protect my feet from sharp objects on the ocean bottom, and if one falls off, it floats to the surface, and its bright yellow color makes it easily visible and retrievable. They're light, soft, comfortable, warm, breathable, durable, cute and fun. What a marvelous invention!"  Jerry Steinberg, Vancouver, BC
"Hello! I am in France and would like to order four or more pairs of Holeys- to share the comfort and joy of my favourite pair of shoes !!"  A.P.

"You guys have a great product - keep up the good work! Nice to see a Canadian company being both creative and successful. I have 2 pairs and my wife has 3. We wear them everywhere." D'Arcy McLeod, Salmon Arm, BC

"We LOVE our new Holeys. Light. Easy on the feet.  Good for walking. Cool. We show them to all our friends." Deborah J, Saskatoon, Sask.
"At the beginning of June I bought some Holeys at MEC in Vancouver. I saw them in the paddling section and before I even tried them on I knew I had to have them. So I bought them. Anyway, I have been sporting your Holeys for a good seven months now. I have put them to the test. I pretty much wore them the whole summer and I've walked, hiked, ran, canoed, drove, waded, and slept in them. They are still looking and feeling like new. My Holeys are by far my favorite shoes and they are certainly my most comfortable shoes. Keep up the great work. Thank you." Erik Scheel, Reno NV

"Hi, I have recently returned from a Cruise of the Mediterranean, plus I spent 2 days in Rome. I would like to let you know that I took 2 pairs of Holeys—Providers with me and walked all over and never had to change my shoes--which if I had taken runners etc. with me I would be changing all the time. I have never found a more comfortable shoe and wear them all the time. I would like to thank you very much.  I wouldn't have been able to do half of what I did with another shoe." Maureen

"Thanks for getting me that pair of weatheralls in time for my various outings.  The first outing involved miles of over hill, over dale kind of stuff with plenty of rocks, thorns and muddy slopes. I would estimate five- seven miles of walking in mostly non stop rain. After two days of this I am pleased to share that the boots were comfortable and durable, especially for a feather light boot!  No blisters, no leaks and little visible sign of wear. As a bonus, with the footbead liner removed, the moisture that did build up dried quickly during breaks.  The second outing involved multi miles of walking weeds, rushes, grass, and water for pheasants in southwestern MN. Temps were in the 20s and 30s with several inches on fresh snow. The boots remained flexible. I stayed warm, and dry with one ply 100% wool socks. I really enjoyed the light weight of the boots with all that walking. Still no visible signs of wear. Still no leaks!"  Martin Livermore, IA

"My daughter will only wear Holeys (better fit than crocs!) and she actually wore through her last pair of Holeys at the end of last summer (she loves them!) Please email me or call me and let me know how I can get some of your shoes by next week. My kids will be so happy! Thank you!"  Martin Livermore, IA

"Hi, I am Andrè from South Africa. I was searching for your XP2 clogs for years now - without any success - now I found you on the web. I wear them in the operating room and find it is BY FAR the best clog, money can buy - after a number of years mine is now due (overdue actually) for replacement. The material they made of (I've checked your website - just want to make sure) - it is not the same as that of crocs - am I right? - because crocs don't work for me AT ALL - I work loooooong hours in the operating room and on my feet the whole time - tried crocs, but they're killers!!"

"I have been trying to find out how to purchase a couple of pairs of Holey XP2 (1 pair Black and 1 pair Navy Blue both size L) ... I get all sorts of half way on the web site www.holeys.com - but keep coming up with the fact that you only seem to sell to N USA and Canada! I know it's only $50- $60 but there is a customer (Jon McNamara), UK Who would be happy to pay the money to someone in exchange for the shoes - can you arrange this for me - or at least advise me where to look. Can someone please help sell me some shoes – sorry to sound a bit frustrated - but as far as I'm concerned your product is so much better than the ubiquitous Crocs - longer lasting and more comfortable (and I walk my dogs wearing them - some 4 to 5 miles everyday - and after six months my Holey clogs are showing only limited wear). Kind regards" Jon

"I just received my M11 camo coastal boots. The boots are great; especially the BIG opening that allows one to wiggle the boots on easily. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Ian MacIntosh, a satisfied customer" The Kootenay Bakery Cafe Cooperative

"My uncle is a doctor and recommends Holeys shoes to all of his clients with heel pain - JP even tried it for his heel pain and it went away." JP Harrison

"I am in Weymouth, MA 02189, in the U.S. and would like to purchase a pair or 2 of your XP2 clogs for my daughter. She would need an adult size 6-7 Womens, which I believe is an Adult Small for the XP2. My daughter is not able to wear CROCS because she has a narrow foot and the Holeys have been much better for her the past several summers." Donna Salmans

"My sister does long shifts at the hospital and Holeys PROline are the only shoes she’s had that are comfortable and suitable in such an environment (in the UK anyway!)" Rebecca Kemp

"Would just like to thank you for a quality product - I have been wearing holey soles for about 6 yrs - i don't even buy regular shoes anymore - I have recently purchased 14 pairs of you TTC Getaways (11 then 3) - not to re sale but as a gift to my wife and groomsman of my upcoming sept 11 wedding - our tuxedos are also camo. Part of my reason for buying these as a gift is cos i've been wearing these shoes so long people know me for them and people know me for that and the other reason people need to experience what comfortable shoes really feel like. Bought my first pair Trail Days Damascus VA 2005. I am going to buy a pair of XL getaway(s) just to wear until my wedding since my current ones are so worn out my big toe is poking through. Keep up the good work!!!" Chuck

"I have been wearing Holey Soles for a few years now and truly believe they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. (No comparison to Crocs!!)" Brenda

"Just wanted to let you know that I FINALLY ordered more shoes for my family! Camo for my son and black for my husband. They can't wait for them to arrive - as the sole on my son's old shoes has a hole in it and is paper thin - and my husband has put his toe through the top of his shoe.....It took many many years for them to wear them out!" Barbara

"The Drifters are a perfect travel shoe-very lightweight. They are very comfortable and stylish as well. I'm leaving for Hawaii vacation in two weeks and Holeys must go too." Gary

"I work in a hospital and I'm on my feet literally 12 hours a day or more. Your Proline shoes are simply the BEST I've ever tried. No more tired or cramping feet at the end of the day and they look professional too. Please don't stop making them!" Michael

"These are awesome after a long day in Army boots. Has nearly cured my Plantar Fasciitis. I use to walk around the barracks, as shower shoes and as sandles for off duty time. Keep up the good work." Jeffrey

"I love the Holey Soles. I was given a pair several years ago from my sister, and loved them, and then was able to find another pair in a JoAnn's store, which I bought. They are so comfortable, but I didn't really appreciate them until a year ago when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. One of the side effects of the chemotherapy is nueropothy in my feet. Now the ONLY thing I can wear are my Holey shoes. I literally wear them all the time because they protect my feet, and really feel good. Seriously, you could advertise them as being good for people with this problem." Debbie